King of Math: Telling Time

Learn the clock in a fun way!

This app contains 26 different exercises on analog and digital clock. The child gets to practice both reading the clock and setting the time. The difficulty of the exercises is gradually increased, starting with whole hours and continuing with half hours, quarter hours and so on. For each exercise, the questions are randomized which make them suitable for repetition.

The app also includes an experimental mode where the relationship between the clock and the time of day is illustrated with the passing of the sun and moon across the sky. The child can freely drag the hands of the clock and see how the sky changes and also choose to get the time read out load.

The app is suitable for children in grades K-3.


  • English (King of Math: Telling time)
  • German (König der Mathematik: Die Uhr)
  • Italian (Re della Matematica: L’orologio)
  • Spanish (Rey de las Matemáticas: La hora)
  • Portuguese (Rei da Matemática: O relógio)
  • Swedish (King of Math: Klockan)
  • Danish (King of Math: Klokken)
  • Norwegian (King of Math: Klokken)
  • Finnish (Matikkakunkku: Kello)
  • French (Roi des Maths : Lire l’heure)
  • Dutch (Rekenkoning: Klokkijken)

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